Remarketing: Truly good, or too good to be true?

Earlier this month we took an in-depth look at the ins and outs of Google AdWords.

The general sentiment was that while AdWords can be a great tool for getting your brand or offers noticed, it can be a bit of a waste if it isn’t done properly. You can read the full article Help we’ve gone all Google-Eyed!

This week we’re carrying on with our Google theme, and as promised we’re taking a look at Remarketing, which is a sort of sister product to AdWords. Actually, it’s more than just a sister product – in our opinion it’s a much smarter, better-looking and more effective sister product.

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Help! We’ve gone all Google-eyed!

This month, we’re shining the light on Google AdWords: the good, the bad, the potential, and the potential waste.

That’s right. AdWords doesn’t always work, and it isn’t always a good choice. But sometimes it does, and sometimes it is.

In this article we’ll give you some real-life examples of what’s possible when you get it right. We’ll discuss a few things your local SEO lumberjack probably isn’t telling you, and we’ll offer our honest advice on what you need to consider when deciding to go ahead with it or not.
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