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Christmas marketing: 5 simple ways to thank your clients this year

Cover off your client ‘thank-yous’ and make the most of this glittering opportunity with our quick Christmas marketing ideas. Somehow it’s that time of year. Again. Already! Slight issue: October through December is an extremely busy period for many businesses. When you’re in the thick of it, ...

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Clever website design – how a catchy call to action inspires conversions

It’s a critical part of website design – the call to action. And getting it right can mean the difference between a conversion or not. Our creative team have come up with our definitive website call to action list in the hope of transforming your casual visitors into paying customers. In ...

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Graphic Design: Why it’s key to successful marketing

It makes us scratch our heads, but the role of graphic design in marketing can get lost down the list of priorities. Sketch Corp.’s design studio is the engine room of our marketing agency, so we thought we’d explain why you need to pay close attention to your graphic design. Graphic design – ...

Social Media Marketing

The Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing Lingo

Social media marketing is fast-paced and ever-changing. When you’re in the thick of it, it’s easy to forget that some business owners may not have heard of ‘PPC’, ‘retargeting’, ‘DMs’ and ‘chat marketing’. We got a reality check recently when someone’s mum asked them to ‘please explain’ about ...

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Expand without damaging your brand – your brand agency can help

Many established SMEs feel confused about how to carry existing branding and aesthetics through to new divisions and products. A brand agency can help you handle this type of expansion seamlessly. At Sketch Corp, we are regularly engaged to help successful SMEs make sense of their branding and ...


Graphic designers: the pros and cons of freelancing vs in-house vs agency

Maybe you’re already in the industry or maybe you’re just starting out, but there’s no doubt graphic designers are in demand for their skills. The career opportunities are endless. And there are different ways of working. Perhaps you’ve thought about what it would be like working for a creative ...

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Disruptor Brand vs Challenger Brand: What’s the difference?

Think of some of the hugely successful brands shaking up industries or transforming consumer habits. Say Uber, Airbnb or Aldi for example. Often they’re described as being either a disruptor brand or a challenger brand. These terms might sound like they’re similar, but they’re actually very ...

Print graphic design

Is print dead? The new truth about print graphic design

‘Is print dead?’ It’s a question we’re often asked at Sketch Corp, along with: ‘Do other companies still do it?’ ‘Does it still work?’ ‘Is it worth it?’ And so on. Forget what you’ve heard. We’ll tell you what we’ve experienced in the past four years as a marketing agency offering ...

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How to win business and persuade investors with corporate document design

The last couple of months have seen our team working like crazy on huge corporate document design projects. All have been heavy on data, infographics and icons.  Corporate document design for material such as EOFY company performance reports, investor highlights and information memorandums ...


What are you doing with your marketing budget? An EOFY checklist for marketers

For marketers, end of financial year (EOFY) can be crazy but exciting. It’s like a spring clean for your business! At Sketch Corp, we view it as an opportunity for business owners and marketers to reflect on the past 12 months and take a serious look at their marketing budget. This is the ...


The art of the brief: getting the most out of your marketing agency

So you’ve found the perfect marketing agency to work with. Fabulous! That’s the hard part. Now to establish some clear boundaries and processes for working together. You must already have a connection to have agreed to team up in the first place. But no matter how good your rapport, no agency ...

Hiring a marketing agency

Hiring a marketing agency for website design? Ask these 7 questions first.

Sketch Corp. was recently engaged by a fabulous new client who sadly has had a shocking website design experience with another marketing agency. Despite paying more than $30,000 for this new website, our client was left with a website design that was inferior in many ways to the existing ...


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