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8 design Instagram

8 design Instagram accounts loved by creatives

Even the most experienced designers look around for fresh inspiration when starting a new project. We certainly do. Our favourite source of stimulus these days is the creative community on Instagram. This channel has emerged as the best visual medium for showing off fantastic design and getting ...

Where typography is heading

Where typography is heading in 2018

Typography in graphic design will be enormously important in branding this year. Again. Here’s why. The reason typography reigns right now are largely due to UX constraints and the current trend towards responsive design, which dictates that everything must be easily scalable for different ...

Website considerations

Website considerations for budding entrepreneurs

Over the years, our agency has worked with many bright-eyed entrepreneurs with BIG ideas for changing the world and making millions. Usually via an online business that disrupts industry norms.   We love these guys! Their enthusiasm is infectious.   Most of their ideas involve very ...

Choosing the right marketing agency

How to choose your marketing agency wisely

When you have a business and things are going well, there may come a time when you can no longer grow it on your own.   This is when partnering with a marketing agency starts to look like a very attractive option.   A monthly retainer or ad hoc arrangement is the perfect solution when ...


All change: how Facebook’s shock announcement will affect your social media marketing

It’s official. Effective immediately, Facebook will drastically alter the formula that determines what appears on everyone’s news feeds. There’s nothing new about algorithm changes. But, the shocking thing about this announcement is that Facebook will no longer be promoting paid posts. Thus ...


The humble hashtag explained

The hashtag is such an ingrained part of our culture now that it’s rare to find someone uninitiated. Some people even speak in hashtags. But – like the occasional Dad you encounter who’s never heard of Beyonce – we know you’re (still) out there! In honour of the hashtag turning 10 this year, ...


How an ‘inspiration board’ can spark your marketing

Since forever, people have been cutting out pictures and pasting them on boards. All to create a bigger, more ‘visual’ picture of their dreams and goals. Photos and words with special meaning to them and what they want to achieve. This is still a popular (and may we say effective) pastime, but ...


Name that app!

Congratulations are in order – you’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a new app and you’re going to bring it to life. Amazing! Now your next trick is to come up with a name that sticks. One that’s Just Right and won’t get lost among the millions of other apps in the App […]


Always consider the source

Of course we would all be lost without ‘the Net’ (as many of our mums still call it), but sadly a lot of information on there is not especially credible. When forming an opinion based on something you read online or saw in a YouTube video, our advice is to take it with the proverbial […]


Has your brand evolved?

Even if you were so in love with your new logo in 1997, times change and design trends come and go. It’s not disloyal to change things up. You may not realise it, but your business and brand is constantly changing. If you don’t believe that, just take a look at your very first proposal […]


The rise of personality

One of the seriously awesome things about our line of work is that, because we work with a number of clients in similar industries, we’ve become very good at trend-spotting. We see what everyone else is doing and we often identify patterns before our clients do. Especially brand personality ...


In defence of perfection

Suckers for punishment, we’re putting ourselves in the firing line again by sharing our rather unorthodox opinion… This time about ‘perfection’ in the SME workplace. Blogs and articles about perfectionism and its crushing effects on SMEs are everywhere. The crux usually is that the pursuit of ...


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