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DIY website vs. agency website: which is right for your business?

Most agencies will agree that DIY websites have their place – in certain circumstances. For example, when you’re a sole trader with simple services and no marketing budget to speak of. If you’re a decent-sized business, however, DIY websites should be approached with caution. At best, it’s a ...

Blog post about the instagram algorithm and follow unfollow tactics and follow unfollow bots and farms by Sketch Corp.

The Instagram follow-unfollow strategy – is it dead?

For years now, strategic Instagram users have adopted the good old follow-unfollow strategy to ‘organically’ boost their audiences for free. Cue a slew of follow-unfollow farms, bots, apps and other types of automation that do the hard work for you! Not long ago, Instagram started cracking down ...

Blog post on brand personality archetypes and carl jung personality types by Sketch Corp.

What’s your brand personality?

We often work with clients to define and develop their ‘brand personality’ – a concept rooted in classic psychological profiling! Psychologist Carl Jung posed the theory that 12 essential characters exist in everyone’s unconscious mind – each one jockeying for dominance. Over the years, ...

Blog post on decoding seo spam emails by Sketch Corp.

Decoding those annoying SEO spam emails

Over the years, many clients have called us about SEO spam emails they’ve received. Some have been led to believe they need to take action immediately or else their business is doomed! This blog is designed to comfort you (you absolutely don’t need to take action ASAP), and shed some light on ...

7 hacks for online visibility blog post written by Sketch Corp.

Improve your online visibility with these 7 hacks

As we’re always saying to clients, the importance of online visibility in your digital marketing strategy cannot be overstated. Raising your profile online doesn’t have to be complicated though. Here, we’ve outlined 7 relatively easy strategies (algorithm and alchemy-free!) for beginners. 1. ...


The unstoppable rise of the social media influencer

Over the past few years, social media influencers have crept into social marketing strategies the world over. The social media influencer movement is big business, and we’re often asked: ‘Are they worth it?’ and ‘Do I dare go down that road?’ We’re here to tell you that yes, it can work. It ...

Blog Post on Google My Business Search Results Optimisation by Sketch Corp.

Why Google My Business is everybody’s business

When you’re a business owner with a website, we strongly recommend incorporating Google My Business (or ‘GMB’ as it is often called around the internet) into your digital marketing strategy. Like it or not, people Google everything. Even if they receive a word-of-mouth recommendation, the first ...


6 reasons our studio prefers WordPress

As far as website development platforms go, it’s hard to beat WordPress, which will celebrate its 16th birthday in May this year. THE ORIGINAL & THE BEST While there are some fabulous alternatives out there (Shopify, Wix and SquareSpace all serve their purpose), you really can’t go past ...

March Blog 1 - Featured Image

Copypasta recipes for success and disaster

While our trained eyes can identify a copypasta digital strategy a mile away, talking to a client the other day made us realise that not everyone is wise to this type of tactic. So what on earth is copypasta? Usually our team loves anything to do with pasta, but copypasta we just can’t get ...


So the 2019 Instagram algorithm hasn’t changed after all

There’s been a lot of speculation recently around the alleged ‘2019 Instagram algorithm change’ that’s come into affect. Perhaps you’ve noticed influencers you follow begging and pleading with Instagram to restore order, saying things like ‘Why is my engagement so low?’, ‘Only 7% of my ...


Marketing for Valentine’s Day | Shower your customers with love

There’s nothing like a special occasion to get your company’s creative juices flowing, and there’s still time to amp up your marketing for Valentine’s Day. With no shortage of love innuendos and double entendres to play around with, February 14 is a prime opportunity to tap into the spirit of ...


What you need to know when you engage graphic design services

As a business owner or decision-maker, chances are you’ve needed graphic design services at some stage in your professional endeavours. Maybe you’ve recruited a graphic designer to join your in-house marketing team or partnered with a marketing agency to handle your graphic design. ...


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