Picture where your business could be if you had an experienced team on standby
to action your marketing strategy each month.

Our Process

The truth is…
Tasking unqualified administration staff with your marketing is a false economy.
Cutting corners here always comes at a price. The immediate cost to your
business is human resources diverted and time spent unwisely. Not to mention the
potentially damaging messaging and material that goes to market, untargeted,
with your name on it. The sad cost of this is lost business.

Partnering with Sketch Corp. gives you the freedom to focus on running your
business, knowing that qualified experts are managing all aspects of your

We have a vested interest in you because we know that when your business
grows, our business grows too.

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Monthly Packages Tailored to You

In our experience, no two businesses are the same. That’s why we
have chosen not to offer standardised gold/silver/bronze packages.
We know our clients don’t appreciate being shoe-horned into a
category that just isn’t them.

We develop an understanding of your business goals, then work with
you to map out a strategy to get you there. Together, we look at your
budget and decide on a set number of hours per month. Each month,
we decide what your key marketing & design priorities are and focus
on those with the highest ROI.

We Deliver Big For Your Business

Depending on your long-term goals and current position, we can
allocate your monthly hours to a broad range of activity.

In consultation with you, we identify the perfect mix of marketing
& design deliverables to maximise your ROI.

This may include a combination of:


In Business, We Know Things Come Up.
We've Got You Covered.

While we endeavour to pre-plan your monthly activity, we understand that
priorities can shift in an instant. If urgent requests come up, our team is on
hand to create last-minute presentations, quick-response press releases and
anything else you may need at short notice.

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