Powered by experience, built for elevation.

At Sketch Corp., we believe in the power of small experienced teams to deliver maximum impact.

In 2014, we set out to build a marketing agency with a difference – one with a fluid structure, where our team becomes an extension of yours. Our compact size means nothing is lost in translation – there is little delegation, and the people you meet with are the ones who work on your projects.

After almost 10 years of building successful brands, we continue to approach each client relationship as a partnership, because we know that the best results come from mutual understanding and collaboration.

Each partnership we enter starts with a discovery meeting or workshop – we want to truly understand your business and your lofty goals. From here, we strategise, craft and deliver tailored marketing solutions that are calculated, engaging and sustainable.

While we’ve had plenty of opportunity to grow over the years – our client roster, our team and our services – we have chosen instead to double down on our niche. Staying focused on select industries means we can offer you a highly personal, flexible service grounded in true industry expertise, and give each project the time and energy it deserves.