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    The humble hashtag explained


    E-Newsletter Survival: 7 Tips For Avoiding ‘Unsubscribe’

    As more and more companies take up e-newsletters to communicate with their audience the need to make them standout, engage, add value and not be considered annoying is critical. It’s a common scenario; we find a cool website, like what

    Collaboration: It’s Time to be Better

    Last week our much-loved Art Director attended Sex, Drugs & Helvetica. Not a design conference, a conference for designers! When reporting back to the Sketch Team about the conference, standout trends and key takeaways, collaboration dominated the discussion.

    A Guest Designer & Pop Culture Phenomenon

    The very talented designer and good friend of the Sketch family, John Florez, designed September’s Space image.John’s allusive brief was ‘something newsworthy’ and we love that the now globally infamous Ice Bucket Challenge was his inspiration. This clever challenge campaign

    Unplug & Drink Coffee: Getting Potential Customers Over the Line

    It may seem odd that our August Space design features typewriters, pocket watches, old school telephones and a token cup of tea. Especially given we are a modern day marketing & design agency that embraces and, for the most part,

    Reception & Marketing Are Not The Same Thing

    Your receptionist is often the first impression people have of your business. How they present your business makes or breaks your client relationships.   Yet even if your receptionist has the most welcoming phone manner, has exceptional client skills and

    FIFA World Cup

    Since the 2014 FIFA World Cup started on June 12, people from around the world have been caught-up in ‘football’ fever.   And not just the die-hard fans. Even those of us who have never watched a game from start-to-end


    With a massive convergence to a world of digital in the past two decades, e-marketing and the emphasis on facilitating databases has sky rocketed.   And rightfully so – there are now over 2 billion Internet users worldwide, an average

    May Space: Guess Who

    A couple of weeks back the Sketch Team was reminiscing about the games we played growing up: Memory, Battle Ship, Connect Four, Twister, Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Uno, and of course, Guess Who.   Our interactive theme for May, Guess Who

    Creating a Brand

    It doesn’t matter what industry we operate in or how small we perceive our business to be, the importance of branding cannot be underestimated. There is a common misconception among many small and medium sized business owners that branding simply

    Blogging Authenticity

    It goes without saying that blogging can help raise our search engine rankings.   We only need to type ‘Blogging and SEO’ into Google to receive an abundance of information, tips, secrets, ‘simple truths’ and how-to guides on all of

    April Space: The First Time

    With the launch of our blog the Sketch Team got thinking about new beginnings, debuts and first impressions. This train of thought led to the concept of ‘the first time,’ along with many other new/first ideas. So why did we end

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