Insights for Marketers Adopting Language AI

28 Jun, 2023

2023 has been a monumental year for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly with regards to language processing. Language AI models are trained on vast amounts of linguistic data and patterns allowing them to understand and generate human language with a high degree of accuracy, shaping it into a pivotal resource for numerous global organisations.

Continual improvements in natural language processing capabilities have amplified the AI hype, showcasing these technologies as sustainable advancements rather than fleeting trends.

In Australia, the influence of these advancements has been pronounced. Notable organisations, such as the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, are heavily investing in AI and machine learning to refine customer service, fraud detection, and process automation. Platforms like ChatGPT, an advanced language AI model, are revolutionising the way businesses engage with their clients, enabling seamless and efficient interactions through human-like text generation and response capabilities.

This rise in AI adoption is altering the landscape of business operations, stimulating an era of innovation and competitiveness. With a growing number of clients using AI language models internally, the speed of content creation across various applications has seen a substantial increase. The impact on marketing agencies, copywriters, and internal marketing teams is notable, and we’re commonly asked about the implications of AI models like ChatGPT on their operations. Here, we share our thoughts, forecasts, key considerations, and potential challenges and opportunities.

AI as a Useful Tool

AI and its use in models like ChatGPT fundamentally altered the landscape of content creation, streamlining and enhancing productivity. But their utility should be perceived in the correct context – as tools. These AI models should be integrated into your strategic arsenal, assisting with the generation of marketing content. However, they’re not a magic wand. The quality of data input into these models significantly influences the quality of output, mirroring the classic computing principle of ‘garbage in, garbage out.’

The Cure for Writer’s Block

Creativity can sometimes be elusive, and writer’s block can be a real challenge for content creators. AI language models provide a novel solution to this age-old problem. These models can generate a constant flow of ideas and potential content, stimulating creativity and assisting in the writing process. The output of content can be used as a base for information and fine-tuned to align with your desired style, tone and key messages ensuring consistency across your content.

Identifying AI Generated Content

As AI tools become more sophisticated, so does the content they generate. However, there are subtle signs that content has been AI-generated. For instance, lengthy headings with semicolons, particularly when inconsistent with the brand’s established style, are often indicative of AI authorship. Understanding these tell-tale signs can be beneficial in helping to create content that seamlessly blends human and AI elements.

Complementing Human Creativity

While AI models offer advanced analytical capabilities, they are designed to complement human creativity, not replace it. They can analyse data rapidly and provide valuable insights, but the human touch in understanding context, adding emotional depth, and delivering a truly engaging narrative is currently irreplaceable. Thus, the optimal use of AI in content creation is as a partner in the creative process, not as a substitute for human input.

Customisation and Personalisation

Personalised content resonates with audiences. It enhances customer engagement and fosters loyalty. AI can help create this content on a large scale, making it a powerful tool for modern marketers. By analysing data and understanding user behaviour, AI can generate tailored content experiences for diverse audience segments, ensuring that your brand’s message is not only heard but also deeply resonates with your audience.

Efficient Scaling

The scalability of AI models is a game-changer for businesses and agencies needing to generate large volumes of high-quality content. It can significantly enhance content production capabilities, allowing for efficient expansion without a corresponding increase in manpower or resources. With AI, businesses can maintain a consistent level of quality while accelerating content production, a critical capability in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Constant Evolution

AI models are continuously evolving, with new capabilities and applications emerging regularly. Keeping up-to-date with these advancements is crucial for marketing teams and agencies to stay competitive. Understanding these ongoing developments, along with their potential implications and applications, will enable businesses to harness the full power of AI and integrate it effectively into their marketing strategies. Staying ahead in the AI game will be an ongoing journey of learning and adaptation.