Yallamundi Farm

Since 2020, Sketch Corp. has collaborated with Yallamundi Farm, a family-owned farm that is committed to creating a better, fairer, and more sustainable world. Our team has delivered a unique brand identity that positions the farm’s specialty eggs in a leading market position, including the creation of packaging labels for their much-loved Pasture-Raised and Organic eggs – the first carbon-neutral eggs in Australia.

In 2023, Sketch Corp. has managed the creation and roll-out of Yallamundi Farm’s marketing strategy, including the creative direction and implementation of campaigns that embody the farm’s values and continue to position the brand favourably in the minds and hearts of Australian grocery shoppers.


Brand strategy
Marketing strategy
Packaging design
Digital marketing
Traditional marketing

Sustainably produced eggs from hens that roam on fresh pasture

When a customer sees a Yallamundi Farm product, they immediately know it’s unique. Starting with its packaging, it’s not what they’re used to – the colours, the illustrations and the messages speak to a brand that’s doing things differently.