If you want your business to grow, you must always be sourcing new, qualified leads.


Lead generation is a fundamental component of most modern
marketing strategies.

The digital landscape provides a variety of advanced tools for
building effective lead-generation funnels designed to convert
clients and customers.

Using your website for lead generation

When Sketch Corp. consults with clients about digital lead
generation, we start with your website. Around the clock, your
website should function as a high-powered marketing tool to
attract potential leads, nurture these carefully and ultimately
convert them into paying customers or clients – all while looking
amazing. Sketch Corp. custom websites are created with lead
generation in mind.

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Generate Leads Using Facebook

Using Facebook advertising tools, the Sketch Corp. team generates leads
for your business.

We work with you to understand what constitutes a ‘qualified lead’ as we
craft, deliver and maintain a Facebook advertising strategy that puts your
offering in front of your ideal customer. Leads generated via Facebook are
sent to you daily for follow-up by your sales team, who can then move
these leads through to the next stage in the sales process.

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Lead Generation Led by Experts

The business of lead generation is serious and highly technical. Successful
lead generation requires a focus on the right metrics and collaboration to
understand end lead performance.

When we run a Facebook lead generation campaign for your business, we’re
able to determine how many leads are being generated. Then we work with
you to understand your conversion rate.

Your participation is essential so that we can calculate the cost per lead,
and the real cost per client or customer acquisition. Armed with these
figures, we can work out your all-important ROI and continually optimise
your lead-generation campaigns.

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