How your business is branded and perceived is critical. In today’s crowded
marketplace, consumers make first contact (or not) based on appearance.
First impressions are everything.

OJ Pippin Branding

If your branding looks old and tired, the marketplace will assume your business is
old and tired. You won’t be perceived as a high-quality provider. Whether this is
true or not is irrelevant. When you brand with Sketch Corp, we give your business’s
presentation and representation the level of attention it deserves. Our experts
go deep to unearth your brand’s purpose, architecture, positioning and target
audience. Founding ideas are distilled, and associated emotions are put into words
or translated into visual elements.

Working with the best minds in brand strategy, brand communications and brand
graphic design, we refine your brand narrative and competitive advantage to
create your unique visual identity. This is a visual representation that does your
business justice and connects with your audience.

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Branding For Start-Ups

Sketch Corp. has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs across
various industries to turn rough ideas into market-ready business
ventures. The branding experts in our studio can create your product
name, logo, visual identity, company documents and brand narrative.

“From initial meeting right through to completion of the project – the
Sketch Corp. team was pleasure to work with and went out of their
way to ensure Architectural Review Co was up and running. We’re
so happy we have gone back to them again for further web
development / expansion.”

Undergoing a Rebrand?

Bring your business up to date and give it a new lease of life with a Sketch Corp. rebrand. In a way that’s respectful of your existing clientele and company history, we modernise your visual identity and related elements. Best practice is to revamp your brand every five years or so to keep pace with your evolution as a business.


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