April Space: The First Time

First time 03 Apr, 2014

With the launch of our blog the Sketch Team got thinking about new beginnings, debuts and first impressions. This train of thought led to the concept of ‘the first time,’ along with many other new/first ideas. So why did we end up going with this theme over all others? Because first times are memorable! Whether for good or bad we tend to remember the first time we did something.

Our first day at school, first CD, kiss, broken bone, broken heart, car, hangover, interview, job, child’s first words, house, wedding, funeral, and on the list goes. First times are memorable because they’re filled with emotion – pride, fear, excitement, apprehension, joy and sadness. And that’s just to name a few.

These special events become stories we either love to share or vow to keep secret forever. They’re an important part of who we are and importantly, they’re not forgotten. Our first times are powerful as they assist us in determining how we go about doing something the second, third and fourth time.

Our uber awesome Art Director, Carolina Jaramillo, was nostalgic in the creation of this month’s Space. For her the idea of a young girl’s diary came to mind – the one private place where all first times and their corresponding emotions could be recorded with raw honesty while growing up.

This notion of a young girl’s diary influenced the dreamy feminine lettering and the youthful straightforward icons you see. More sobering, the animated falling leaves are representative of the first time’s short lifespan.

From all of us here at Sketch Corp., we hope April’s theme brings a smile to your dial and the recollection of fond first times.