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    The humble hashtag explained


    Building Brand Credibility & Trust

    If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. –Navid Moazzez Consumers are spoilt for choice. In our on-demand, quality-conscious world, they can pretty much get whatever they want, when

    Want to quadruple your leads?

    You won’t believe how this one thing could quadruple your leads!  

    Social media is mostly snake oil-Part II

    Our last article, Social Media Is Mostly Snake Oil, mentioned some of the misconceptions about social media, and some of the ways it’s misused and misadvertised.   This time, we’re taking a more positive approach. We’ve put together a selection

    Social media is mostly snake oil – Part I

    Now that cookie-cutter SEO is dead, businesses everywhere have turned to content (and, by extension, social media) to drive awareness and activity towards their websites.   Don’t get me wrong – this is a good thing. Mostly. The bad part,

    Want your brand to be remembered. Develop an unforgettable voice.

    Most companies spend considerable time and money getting their branding just right. As they should. But branding isn’t just about printing business cards and making sure your uniforms match your letterheads. Every single piece of communication, from email auto-responders to

    Return On Investment – It isn’t everything, but it’s something.

    Here at Sketch Corp. we’re big on numbers. You could say we “count” on them. Ha ha. A lot of the decisions we make on a daily basis are driven, at least in part, by data. From creating marketing proposals

    Mobilegeddon: Help Google or else!

    If industry news was anything to go by, April 21 was supposed to be the end of the world for millions of website owners. Causing perhaps the biggest internet freak-out since Kony 2012, Google told the internet that it’d be

    Remarketing: Truly good, or too good to be true?

    Earlier this month we took an in-depth look at the ins and outs of Google AdWords. The general sentiment was that while AdWords can be a great tool for getting your brand or offers noticed, it can be a bit

    Help! We’ve gone all Google-eyed!

    This month, we’re shining the light on Google AdWords: the good, the bad, the potential, and the potential waste. That’s right. AdWords doesn’t always work, and it isn’t always a good choice. But sometimes it does, and sometimes it is.

    Conferences: Get your money’s worth

    You’ve bitten the bullet and paid to exhibit your brand at an industry event. Great news! But the question is, are you confident that you’ve done enough to really get your money’s worth? If not, the short answer is to

    Business Awards: Milk It!

    On Tuesday 11 November two members of the Sketch Team ventured down to Sydney for the 2014 My Business Awards. While we didn’t take home the gong for Best Start-Up 2014, being a top 5 finalist was both an honour

    2014 G20 Summit: Brisbane On Show

    With the G20 Summit being held in our own backyard next week, we couldn’t look past the most important event in the G20 year for November’s Space theme. On the 15th and 16th November, Brisbane will host government leaders and