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    The humble hashtag explained


    The humble hashtag explained

    Hashtags are such an ingrained part of our culture now that it’s rare to find someone uninitiated. Some people even speak in hashtags. But – like the occasional Dad you encounter who’s never heard of Beyonce – we know you’re

    How an ‘inspiration board’ can spark your marketing

    Since forever, people have been cutting out pictures and pasting them on boards to create a bigger, more ‘visual’ picture of their dreams and goals. Photos and words with special meaning to them and what they want to achieve. This

    Name that app!

    Congratulations are in order – you’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a new app and you’re going to bring it to life. Amazing! Now your next trick is to come up with a name that sticks. One that’s

    Always consider the source

    Of course we would all be lost without ‘the Net’ (as many of our mums still call it), but sadly a lot of information on there is not especially credible. When forming an opinion based on something you read online

    Has your brand evolved?

    Even if you were so in love with your new logo in 1997, times change and design trends come and go. It’s not disloyal to change things up. You may not realise it, but your business is constantly changing. If

    The rise of personality

    One of the seriously awesome things about our line of work is that, because we work with a number of clients in similar industries, we’ve become very good at trend-spotting. We see what everyone else is doing and we often

    In defence of perfection

    Suckers for punishment, we’re putting ourselves in the firing line again by sharing our rather unorthodox opinion… This time about ‘perfection’ in the SME workplace. Blogs and articles about perfectionism and its crushing effects on SMEs are everywhere. The crux

    We’re going there… Giving back strategically.

    This month, we’re braving a controversial topic. One that never fails to evoke emotion and divide the marketing community: is it ethical to ‘give back’ and leverage this contribution for business growth? Our view? Absolutely. Since it’s good for the

    SMEs BEWARE: doing it on the cheap can cost you in the long run

    Every so often, we pitch for a new client and find out we’ve been unsuccessful in winning their business. Part and parcel of agency life. You win some, you lose some. Then something interesting happens… Many of the clients who’ve

    In defence of quality content | #keepitreal

    Oh for the love of content! Here’s our two cents on why you should never sacrifice quality content purely for the sake of SEO. Inserting keywords and writing copy to appeal to an algorithm requires careful thought and creativity to

    Where will video fit into your marketing strategy? 3 questions before hitting rec.

    There is one medium that converts and captures an audience like no other. It’s nothing new, but it is rapidly evolving and has been re-purposed for smartphone-happy customers with short attention spans. It’s not a billboard, it’s not a banner

    Branded merchandise: handle with care

    With Christmas just around the corner, you can bet your bottom dollar businesses around the world are going into merchandise overdrive. And for good reason The festive season is a golden opportunity to lavish clients with a little something to