Advertising your business is an art form.


Sketch Corp. offers expert advice and creative services in advertising
creative. Our designers and copywriters can create a campaign or
one-off ad for you that is suitable for digital or traditional media.

Digital & social media advertising

Digital advertising, when done the right way, is so effective at driving
the right kind of traffic to your website, and helping you engage with
your customers in ways that pave the way for repeat business.

In a world where data is king and every internet user leaves a useful
trail of information in their wake, digital advertising is worth a closer
look – no matter what type of business you’re in.

Our boutique creative agency can create a digital strategy for your
business and get you marketing in the digital space like a pro,
leveraging every available avenue to the advantage of your business.

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Measurable, Tangible, Immediate

Having a carefully considered digital marketing strategy in place is a
brilliant way to maximise the return on your online investment and reach
your target market through a range of touchpoints.

Sketch Corp’s digital marketing team works closely with clients to develop
and integrate digital marketing activities that will get you found online,
promote your new product or service and encourage visitors to spend
quality time on your site. Clever digital marketing activity can also
steward your relationship with friends of your business so they keep
coming back.


Traditional advertising
(print & billboard)

If the best place to promote your business is via an ad in a magazine,
newspaper or trade publication, we can write and design it for you –
keeping in mind your target audience and the publication’s readership.

Many of our clients – particularly in the property sector – find that
traditional billboard advertising remains an effective part of their strategy.
The Sketch Corp. studio can create your billboard advertisement from start
to finish.

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