Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising using Google AdWords delivers ads to customers
searching for exactly what your business offers.

Google AdWords PPC is a critical advertising investment for most
small-to-medium businesses we work with. If you are not
competing when your customers are searching for what you do
online, you’re placing your business at a disadvantage.

Conversions are more important
than rankings

While it’s fantastic to see your company ranking highly on Google,
it’s not what matters most. Google rankings don’t grow your
business. Paying customers do.

Depending on how competitive your industry is, Google AdWords
PPC advertising can be expensive – but it is HIGHLY effective.
Particularly if you want leads quickly.

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What Makes a Google AdWords
Campaign Successful?

Running an effective Google AdWords campaign requires an in-depth
understanding of what’s involved. If you have no experience using Google
AdWords, we would not recommend you run a campaign yourself. You will
waste money. The same applies if you sign up with an agency with
little-to-no Google AdWords experience. Or an agency that runs your
account with a ‘set and forget’ approach (which is common).

Running successful Google AdWords campaigns takes time and attention
to detail. There’s the initial set-up, ongoing data interpretation and
ongoing creation of new campaigns for split-testing. It should be treated as
an evolving advertising activity for your businesses, one that is
continually being refined and optimised.

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Landing Pages and Your PPC Campaigns

To fully optimise your PPC campaigns, we look at more than just your Google
AdWords platform for clicks and traffic. We also work on your website
landing pages to ensure they contain the information your ideal target
market is looking for, that the pages are structured for conversion, and that
they’re working as hard as possible to convert potential visitors into clients.

Because it’s no use directing valuable traffic to a page that fails to show
people exactly what they’re looking for, immediately.

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