Get recognised with digital graphic design that sends all the right messages.

Digital is everything now, which means digital graphic design is the
most important kind. The discipline of digital is a highly specialised
sub-branch of graphic design requiring a different approach from print,
and not just in terms of specs. This is because audiences consume
the two media completely differently. Print demands focused attention.
Digital competes with myriad other things flashing up on the smartphone
or laptop of your audience.

While designers and marketers have had their differences in the past,
you can’t have one without the other in the digital world. Now people
are scrolling, skimming and generally reading less and less, which means
we must rely on design-led images and infographics to communicate
key sales information.

Our designers do digital better

The Sketch Corp. team of graphic designers are industry experts in the world of digital design. Our studio is renowned for creating killer websites, expressive infographics and deceptively simple design elements that get our clients the recognition they deserve.

Every week, we deliver high-performing web designs, EDMs, digital advertisements and social media content for our SME and entrepreneur clients. Video editing and motion graphics are also part of our arsenal. All the better to serve your business and get your digital presence where it needs to be.

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