Done well and done regularly, business blogging can build a meaningful
dialogue with your customers and cement your status on Google.

There are so many benefits to blogging regularly in your business. It’s an
opportunity toestablish yourself as a leader in your industry, demonstrate
your expertise and provide valuable information to your audience with
view to convert. Not to mention the SEO benefits that come with
keyword-focused blogging and constantly refreshing your content.

Trouble is, not every brilliant business person is a natural writer.

Partnering with Sketch Corp. gives you the comfort of knowing
that professional writers are creating your blogs and digital
experts are figuring out the SEO component.

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Many business owners have a wealth of expertise, but they’re
not sure what to write about. They’re used to doing business,
not writing about how business is done. At Sketch Corp, we can
work with you to develop a content strategy for your business
and help you brainstorm potential blog topics.

Once we decide on subjects and scheduling, all you need to do
is give us direction based on insights from what you know best
– your industry. Our experienced copywriters will write your
blog according to SEO guidelines ready for your approval.
Then we can package it up and share it across multiple channels.

Stuck for ideas? We can help you get the creative
juices flowing.

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