Taking the time to prepare professional award submissions is a worthwhile part of any marketing strategy.

Is there an awards program that recognises achievements in your industry?
We highly recommend nominating your business or your team. The benefits
go far beyond actually winning.

Many awards programs allow winners and runners-up to use an official
stamp on their marketing material and product packaging, which means
you’ve instantly got another visual element to reference in your graphic
design – one that lends instant credibility.

Recognition in the form of an award gets your name out there and helps
you clinch future business. It also has a positive effect on company culture
and boosts your team’s morale.

Another benefit is that the process of preparing a submission is a valuable
chance to reflect on your achievements as a business thus far and recommit
to your company values.

In it to win it

The main reason many businesses don’t throw their hat in the
ring is because they are reluctant to invest the time it takes to
prepare a submission. Your team doesn’t have to slave over it
though – we can create a compelling award submission on your behalf.

Our team of experienced marketing strategists, copywriters and
graphic designers can draft your content according to specified
criteria, compile supporting imagery and package up your nomination.

Over the years, we have helped a range of clients add the phrase
“award winning” to their marketing material and executive bios.
Award submissions put together by our studio have wowed the
judging panel at competitive awards programs such as the
well-regarded Telstra Business Awards.

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