An Annual Report is what you make of it

Compliance reporting,
Sketch Corp-style

Annual report design is a Sketch Corp. specialty. We look at it this way: if you must produce an annual report, why not make it something special that meets multiple objectives and attracts kudos? Our graphic design team always looks forward to annual report season and the possibilities it brings.


So much potential

With a clever strategy supported by strong graphic design, your annual report becomes much more than dry facts and stats. In the hands of our design team in Brisbane, the humble annual report transforms into a proud extension of your brand – a brilliant platform to engage your stakeholders and share your vision and plans for the future.

Behind every successful Annual Report is a theme, design and copy that work together to send strong, clear, positive messages to readers and support your business objectives. The target audience is typically varied (internal, external and even potential investors), which means thoughtful graphic design with strong imagery and clean layouts makes all the difference to how your Annual Report is perceived.


A modern approach

Our design team are experts at producing Annual Reports with the right blend of broad appeal and brand personality.

The results are simple yet powerful annual reports that incorporate modern infographics and other user-friendly graphic design elements to convey factual financial information and annual highlights.

Sketch Corp. specialises in the design of annual reports for small- to-medium- sized business.

Need help with print and delivery?
We maintain close relationships with external suppliers and would be happy to assist.

Let’s make your 2016 Annual Report your business’ best ever.

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